MegaCutter™ Mowers


New Holland's MegaCutter™ mowers are engineered to optimize throughput. The triple mower setup allows for highly efficient work rates, boasting an impressive 8.60 meter cutting width. The range comprises two pendulum suspended cutting units, each equipped with eight discs. Despite the considerable cutting width, these mowers maintain a remarkably low power requirement, making them compatible with tractors as low as 140 horsepower.

MEGACUTTER - New Holland’s range of MegaCutter™ mowers have been designed with maximum throughput in mind. With this triple mower, you can achieve very high hourly work rates thanks to an 8.60 metre cutting width.

STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING - Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE - The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.


rear-mounted-mowers-details-01 DURABLE CUTTERBAR TECHNOLOGY

 The cutterbar is indeed the central component of the mower. Across all models, it features a low-profile design with a smooth   underside and a broad bearing surface. This design minimizes ground pressure, preserving both the field and the crop during   mowing, thus promoting faster regrowth. Moreover, the low-profile design enables cutting the crop to a 40mm stubble height,   maximizing crop yield during harvest.

front-mounted-mowers-details-06Ease of use

The cutterbar's twisted blades can be swiftly and easily replaced using a dedicated tool. Servicing is made convenient with the 'on top' serviceability feature. The bearing hubs can be quickly and easily disassembled, providing rapid access for servicing needs.

mega-cutter-mowers-details-03 PE conditioner Fingers

 The flexible Polyethylene fingers are exceptionally pliable, lightweight, and demand minimal maintenance. They are particularly   suitable for individuals involved in cattle fodder production. In the event that a finger is inadvertently lost in the crop, it poses   no harm to livestock or the forage harvester, ensuring a safe and trouble-free operation.


mega-cutter-mowers-details-04Tailored conditioning

Depending on the specific crop, its moisture content, and the intended use, adjusting the conditioning level can be easily and swiftly done using a single handle.


mega-cutter-mowers-details-05 Prepared for the unexpected

 Dealing with unexpected field obstacles is an inherent challenge, but with DuraDisc™ F, DiscCutter™ F, DiscCutter™, and   MegaCutter™ models, New Holland has introduced the reliable ShockPro™ disc drive hubs. These hubs act as a protective shield   for disc drive modules, preventing damage and allowing for swift replacements. When a disc comes into contact with an   obstruction, the partially splined hub is purposefully designed to shear, effectively safeguarding the cutterbar drive. This   mechanism ensures all components stay securely in place, providing the opportunity to halt and replace the single damaged   hub with minimal cost and disruption.

mega-cutter-mowers-details-06TopDry™ feature

This remarkable feature, found in DiscCutter™ models equipped with PE fingers or Steel Flail conditioners, facilitates extensive crop spreading, covering over 85% of the cutting width. It enhances the conditioning process by actively directing the crop into the conditioner. The broader swath exposes a larger portion of the crop to the air, reducing drying time—especially advantageous when working in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the degree of top drying can be easily adjusted using a single handle.

mega-cutter-mowers-details-07 Robust suspension

 The three-point suspension is crafted from high-strength steel, ensuring a combination of compactness and stability during   operation. Additionally, this design contributes to a reduced overall operating weight and minimizes stress on the tractor,   promoting efficient and smooth functionality.


mega-cutter-mowers-details-08Optional conditioner

The entire MegaCutter range can be specified either with, or without conditioner.


mega-cutter-mowers-details-09 Cutter bar

 The cutter bar is designed with a shallow cutting angle, and guide shoes extend across the entire width. This design guarantees   a uniform flow of material across the cutterbar, resulting in clean and even stubble. Additionally, the guideshoes cover the   entire length of the cutterbar, promoting regrowth. Blade replacement is a swift, straightforward process using the provided   tool, releasing the blade directly from the safety pin.


mega-cutter-mowers-details-10Drying assistance: TopDry™ system

The machine offers the convenience of a single handle for easy adjustment, enabling wide spreading and additional conditioning. This proves highly advantageous when operating within tight weather windows. The TopDry system accelerates the drying process, aiding in preserving the nutritional value of the crop.

mega-cutter-mowers-details-11 One sided mowing

 The ability to independently lift the two rear mower wings allows for mowing with just one side, which is ideal when working in   narrow fields and dealing with tapered field edges. This feature enhances versatility and efficiency during mowing operations.




Easy obstacle release

The adjustable mechanical obstacle release enables the entire cutter unit to move backwards in the event of a collision.