The all-new New Holland, Pro-Belt™ premium round baler range delivers the performance and reliability that professionals and contractors can rely on. From the heaviest wet silage crops to bulky straw windrows, the Pro-Belt 165 and 190 deliver solid and square shouldered round bales with impressive capacity from either the renowned SuperFeed™ or new 25 knife CropCutter™ large diameter rotor feeding systems.
Durability by design Pro-Belt round balers have been proven the world over with over 150,000 bales produced. The all-new heavy-duty drivelines, a more robust frame, and the re-imaged bale chamber deliver professional grade uptime and bales with high density.
The latest precision farming solutions including ISOBUS electronics offers a simple user interface to track all baler functions and quickly adjust on-the-go, track individual bale moisture, and average bale moisture then make smart real time agronomic decisions. Completed with New Holland next generation styling the stylish side shields, flowing lines are more than good looking they are a visual representation of crop flow through the baler.

PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIVITY - Pro-Belt™ Series round balers deliver maximum dependability and performance to enhance the productivity of professional haymakers and contractors.

SUPERFEED™ OR CROPCUTTER® FEEDING SYSTEMS - Impressive crop throughput is the result of a large, 20.5-inch diameter rotor. For ultimate bale density, choose between a 13 knife or 25 knife CropCutter version.

COMMERCIAL-GRADE CONSTRUCTION - Heavy-duty components, like the smooth TwinDrive™ gearbox, thick steel frame, and simple chamber design lead to ideal bale density and commercial-grade longevity.

PRECISION TOOLS THAT IMPROVE PERFORMANCE - Precision solutions, like IntelliBale™ baler automation, in-cab density control, and factory-installed moisture sensing help you work smarter and produce better bales.


Pro-Belt pick up


The Pro-Belt™ baler range features a five tine bar pick-up, which has a mounting angle increased 7° forward for even smoother crop   flow into the baler. The pick-up also features a heavy-duty cut-out clutch for overload protection. When combined with the feed   assist roller, which positively directs the crop into the SuperFeed™ or CropCutter™ rotor to maintain a constant crop flow at all   times, maximizing capacity.



 The large diameter, 520 mm rotor – a full 65mm larger than Roll-Belt models – delivers ‘V’ shaped feeding to ensure even feeding   across the entire width. In line with the Pro-Belt’s heavy duty status, the rotor is double the weight of that in Roll-Belt models, which   means when at working speed, it smooths out heavy wedges of crop to keep the baler going.


Pro-Belt Baler operation amd management INTUITIVE BALER MANAGEMENT

 The Pro-Belt™ baler can be specified with a choice of monitors to suit your individual needs, from the entry level ISOBUS   compatibility, which comes as standard, through to the optional IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen – which will be familiar to users   of other New Holland products. Both systems use the same layout and graphics as those used by the BigBaler High Density range,   which will facilitate ease of use for baling contractors.



MyNewHolland™ provides owners and users the ability to view and manage their machinery fleets online. Users will be able to access a range of information such as operator manuals and how-to videos as well as an option to view activations and subscriptions via the live link to the VMS tool. Users can even make purchase requests direct with their dealer to activate a service or takeout a subscription. MyNewHolland™ also provides direct access to the MyPLM®Connect Portal.



Uniformly spread the load for balanced and smooth operation with greater reliability the TwinDrive™ gearbox directs PTO power to the right and left of the baler without transferring power through the driven rollers.



 The Pro-Belt baler can be fitted with a range of tyres, including a 620/40-22.5 option, delivering an ultra-wide footprint for reduced   compaction, which can help with regrowth for subsequent silage cuts during the season. 05


New Holland Pro-Belt your service partner SERVICE PARTNER

 Complete peace of mind, our goal is to provide support services to maximize your machine’s profitability and your satisfaction. We   offer repair, parts and maintenance to enhance performance and provide solutions tailored to your needs.



 The Pro-Belt baler has been designed with easy maintenance in mind - after all, you want to spend more time baling and less time in   the yard! Efficient features such as minimal daily greasing points, standard automatic oiling system, wide opening side shields will   keep routine maintenance to a minimum. Optional automatic greasing system and under-shield LED servicing lights complete the   package.


Pro Belt baler how the bale is made


 New Holland is renowned the world-over for its perfectly shaped bales, and the Pro-Belt is no exception. The all-new bale formation   area features a simplified design with fewer moving parts. The sledge formation rolls have been removed, and with fewer rollers and   four endless belts, you can enjoy more reliable operation with less maintenance.


New Holland Pro Belt how the baler is wrapped


 The latest generation Duckbill system is physically closer to the bale, speeding up the entire wrapping process. Spreader rolls   maintain uniform coverage across the entire bale and the net is actively placed inside the chamber, next to the bale for more   accurate wrapping performance. The amount of net used is regulated by sensors and this simple, reliable system, guarantees   consistent net tension and tighter wrapping.


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