ProRotor™ L Rakes


The ProRotor™ L range is equipped with two side-mounted rakes that allow crop delivery to the left-hand side on 640T models. The multi-link frame enables adjustable working width, providing options such as a single swath, two individual swaths, or the turn swath. In the case of the 640T with Auto-Steer feature, it automatically regulates the distance between the two rotors, enhancing maneuverability and ensuring consistent rotor overlap to avoid missing any valuable crop.


prorotor-l-rakes-state-of-the-art State-of-the-art manufacturing

 New Holland's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kutno, Poland, stands as a Center of Excellence specifically focused on   hay and forage equipment. This facility serves as a hub for design, rigorous testing, and manufacturing, consolidating these   crucial aspects under one roof. Adhering to essential manufacturing principles, a dedicated and skilled workforce ensures the   maintenance of stringent manufacturing and quality standards. This commitment results in the delivery of superior quality,   durability, and reliability across the range of products.

prorotor-l-rakes-a-history-of-excellence-01A history of excellence

The New Holland brand has established a strong association with excellence in hay and forage equipment, a heritage dating back over a century. It's accurate to state that New Holland has significantly influenced the landscape of agriculture in this domain through groundbreaking innovations. Notable advancements include introducing the first self-tying pickup baler in 1940, pioneering mower technology with the first Haybine® mower conditioner in 1964, and unveiling its initial self-propelled forage harvester in 1961. These milestones stand as a testament to New Holland's relentless drive to propel hay and forage practices forward and continue shaping the industry.

prorotor-rakes-details-01TANGENTIAL TINE ARM TECHNOLOGY

The tine arms of the rake are intentionally positioned tangentially, deviating from the conventional 90° configuration. This deliberate placement is aimed at achieving the best possible crop delivery and ensuring gentle and careful handling of the crop during the raking process.


prorotor-rakes-details-02Maintenance free rotor arms

The rotor arms on specific models such as ProRotor 420, 450, L 640 Auto-Steer, L 640, C 760, and C 820 are constructed with maintenance-free ball bearings at both ends. Crafted from durable solid steel, these rotor arms are purposefully engineered to endure intensive usage and maintain reliability even under heavy demands.

prorotor-rakes-details-03Efficient tine arm storage

To facilitate convenient transport and storage, the tine arms can be effortlessly dismounted and stored in a specialized tine arm storage area. This feature not only enhances visibility during transport but also decreases the overall width of the rake. This adaptability is particularly advantageous when navigating narrow country lanes or during winter storage, allowing for efficient and space-saving handling of the equipment.