Bigbaler High Density


New Holland has been putting the ‘big’ into big square baling for over three decades. Since its first big balers rolled off the production line in 1987, some 30,000 examples have been put to work in the world’s fields. Today, all BigBalers are produced in Zedelgem, Belgium, New Holland’s Centre of Harvesting Excellence, where they are designed, manufactured, tested and shipped the world over.

HIGH-DENSITY PERFORMANCE - BigBaler High Density balers can deliver up to 22% higher-density bales than other conventional large square balers, and up to 15% more when compared to BigBaler PLUS models.

SMOOTH BALER ENGAGEMENT - Exclusive SmartShift™ gearbox features two-speed start-up technology for smooth baler engagement while protecting the tractor’s driveline.

HYDRAULIC AXLE SUSPENSION - Provides excellent ground following ability and superior accessibility underneath the baler.

STRONGER KNOTS - Patented Loop Master™ knotter system increases overall bale tensile strength up to 26% for lower operating costs while eliminating twine offcuts.


New Holland Big Baler high density rear view bottom angle


Thanks to the balers short and narrow drawbar and its non-reflective yellow colour, operators have excellent visibility of the pick-up when baling.

New Holland knife cutter



The CropCutter™ system’s is now available with either 15 knives for a medium cut or 29 knives for a short cut. Each individual knife has spring protection and paired rotor fingers per knife, guarantees a controlled cutting action and superior cutting performance through the slice at any load. An optional hard-faced rotor is available for a guaranteed long lifetime.

New Holland tractor towing baler behind a hay bale


 The BigBaler 1290 High Density doesn’t only produce up to 22% higher density versus conventional balers and up to 15% higher   compare to the BigBaler Plus range, it also delivers higher productivity, even more so than the current BigBaler plus range. This   is in part, thanks to the new five-bar pickup, which helps feed in crop at higher rates.


Bigbaler high density inside how it works


The BigBaler 1290 High Density features New Holland’s Loop Master™ knotting technology. Building on the brand’s renowned double knotting system, the second knot is now a loop style, which is 37% stronger compare to a standard knot. This results in an up to 26% increase in overall tensile strength for reduced breakages. Perhaps more importantly however, it eliminates twine offcuts – which are currently left in the fields, and can even find their way into fodder. This might not sound much but consider that over six kilometres or 46kg of twine are saved in a 10,000 bale season.

Bigbaler high density control system


 During long baling days, small things can make a big difference, so just imagine what a significant impact big things can have. The user   interface on the IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen display has been completely redesigned to enable operators to control the main   functions from the screen, including specific, direct-access ‘action’ buttons, which can be used to control features such as bale density,   bale length and PTO engagement.

PLM telematics



MyPLM®Connect enables you to connect to your BigBaler 1290 High Density from the comfort of your office and monitor over 27 machine operating parameters through the utilization of the mobile network. You can stay in touch with your machine at all times, and can even send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity.

Big baler wheels


Larger diameter tyres, up to 1.4 metres tall, can be fitted to the BigBaler 1290 High Density, which helps reduce soil compaction. The customer has a choice between two-wheel sizes which always stay within a 3m road width. A 600/50R22.5 and 600/55R26.5 are offered, which greatly reduces soil compaction.


Big Baler high density packerHIGH CAPACITY PACKER MODELS

The new high capacity Packer models feature 3, 9-tine packer forks. Manufactured with heavy duty components to ensure durability and to match the baler’s high throughput. What’s more, the overload protection clutch on Packer models is 25% higher than BigBaler Plus Packer models.

Big Baler Plus being towed by tractor GETTING UP TO BALING SPEED QUICKLY

 The award winning SmartShift™ gearbox features two-speed start-up technology to deliver even smoother baler engagement,   which means your tractor driveline is always protected during baler engagement. How does it work? Once the PTO reaches   850rpm the easy-start feature engages the baler and automatically shifts from 1st to 2nd gear, accelerating the flywheel to a   maximum speed of  1440rpm at full tractor PTO speed, one of the highest flywheel speeds in the segment. The flywheel is also   significantly heavier than on BigBaler Plus models, and has a 16% larger diameter, coming in at 1080mm. But, it’s not just about   flywheel size, it’s all to do with energy generated. Higher speed multiplied by larger size delivers 230% more energy than on   BigBaler Plus models.


Big baler bailing at night with lights on


A full LED 360° lighting package has been developed to turn night into day, and to maintain productivity and ease of operation even in the dead of night.

Big baler high density being worked on DESIGNED WITH SERVICING IN MIND

The BigBaler 1290 High Density has been designed with easy maintenance in mind – after all, you want to spend more time baling and less time in the yard! Efficient features such as minimal daily greasing points, wide opening sides and front shield and easy access to the underside of the baler are all there. The pick-up features poly tine bands, making them quicker and easier to change. The large, flat upper service deck gives instant access to the knotter system.