The ProTed™ tedder lineup offers both mounted and trailed options. The mounted models consist of six variants with working widths ranging from 4.5 to 8.8 meters. For those aiming to maximize the horsepower-to-width ratio, the trailed tedder is available in the largest 8.8-meter width as well. The 6.6 to 7.6-meter variants are equipped with six rotors, while the 8.8-meter models feature eight rotors.

PROTED™ TEDDER RANGE - The ProTed™ range of tedders is available in both mounted and trailed specifications. The three mounted models feature working widths of 6.9, 7.6 and 8.8 meters, and the trailed variant is only available in a 8.8 metre working width.

STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING - Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE - The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.



 Every model within the range is equipped with double tines to improve tedding performance. Moreover, models exceeding 6.9   meters come standard with a tine locking mechanism to prevent tines from getting lost in the crop; this feature is optional on   smaller models. The tine lock system is a protective measure for the following forager, effectively minimizing the possibility of   metal fragments ending up in the livestock feed.

tedders-details-02Efficient field boundary clearing

To ensure thorough tedding and cover every last blade, field boundary clearing technology is utilized. On 690 and 760 models, this technology can be activated using a manual control handle or an optional hydraulic switch, which is a standard feature on 880 and 880T models. Additionally, the wheels under the rotors can be adjusted so that the machine doesn't move at a 90° angle to the field boundary, allowing for more precise tedding.

tedders-details-03 Pivoting closed rotor design

 All rotors in the tedder range are suspended using pivot technology, enabling them to promptly and effectively adapt to varying   ground conditions. Specifically, on the 880 and 880T models, the drive gear of the tedder is securely enclosed in a closed   capsule, which operates within an oil bath at all times. This design ensures the gear is consistently lubricated, contributing to an   extended operating life of the equipment.



Rotor adjustment

The angle of the rotors in relation to the ground can be easily adjusted to accommodate field conditions. This flexibility enables effective mixing and spreading of the crop, promoting optimal drying conditions.