We understand that in the farming industry, delays are not an option. That's why we're here to assist you in completing your tasks efficiently.

This commitment is also reflected in our development of New Holland PLM technology, designed to meet the demands of the agricultural sector. New Holland's modular PLM solutions are designed to be open, connected, intelligent, and well-supported. These solutions can be utilized on various machines and are compatible with a wide range of correction signals.

Our intuitive and user-friendly interfaces facilitate easy guidance operation, while the PLM software allows for seamless downloading and analysis of yield data. This enables precise adjustments of inputs for the upcoming crop, leading to cost reduction. Utilizing ISOBUS technology ensures smooth tractor and implement operation. Moreover, our advanced telematics enable remote monitoring and management of equipment from your office or smartphone.

With PLM technology, achieving ultra-precise pass-to-pass parallel guidance is possible, minimizing overlaps and misses during crop input application. This not only results in cost savings and optimal crop performance but also contributes to environmental preservation by reducing fuel wastage and your carbon footprint.


New Holland's PLM offerings encompass a blend of digital tools, precision farming machinery, and connectivity solutions. These components empower you to make informed and intelligent decisions regarding your farm operations, utilizing your machines and implements effectively.

The PLM products are designed around three product strategies, supported by uptime solutions:

  • Field focuses on the on-vehicle technology, bringing comfort and convenience to the operator, making his life easier and optimizing yield and input costs.
  • Fleet is focused on helping you to monitor the productivity and performance of each machine, through connectivity.
  • Farm is based on data analysis and planning, helping farmers combine a range of agronomic information that facilitate farm management decisions.



intelliview-displays-06 IntelliView Displays

 IntelliView™ displays provide you with complete control over your New Holland machine at your fingertips. The interface is fully   customizable, allowing you to tailor the layout to your preferences. You have the freedom to select and arrange the information   you want to see in specific screen areas, and set up personalized run screens to align with your tasks and monitoring   requirements.


mixed-fleet-displaysMixed Fleet Displays

New Holland harnesses the expertise of Raven & Trimble to ensure customers benefit from the very best technology in the precision farm business. Our partnership also means we can offer mixed fleet display solutions – working with a specialist means the technology we use isn’t restricted to use only with our brand, and can work seamlessly across different makes to ensure full communication and compatibility.

gnss-positioning-and-connectivity GNSS Positioning and Connectivity

 While tasks such as rowcrop planting require ultra-accurate pass-to-pass precision down to 2.5cm to ensure bout-matching, others – manure application, for example – do not require the more complex equipment and signals necessary to achieve this. That’s why New Holland offers a choice of signals and receivers to suit every farm business situation.


new-holland-guidance-and-machine-automationNew Holland Guidance and machine Automation

With New Holland’s broad range of guidance and auto-steer solutions, there is a system to match the needs of every customer and every working situation. Whether your key requirements are for simplicity and low cost, or absolute year-on-year repeatability, New Holland has the answer.


mixed-fleet-guidance-solutions Mixed Fleet Guidance Solutions

 One of the many benefits of New Holland’s Trimble-sourced Autopilot automated steering system is that its use isn’t restricted   to New Holland machines. So if you have a mixed fleet of equipment, including brands other than New Holland, you don’t need   to worry about compatibility. Autopilot can be integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery using the   machine’s electro hydraulic circuit to provide automatic guidance.


isobus-application-controlISOBUS & Application Control

The integration of ISOBUS technology ensures smooth operation between tractors and implements. New Holland's Advanced ISOBUS Task Controller allows for precise adjustments to inputs and effective management of section and rate control for sprayers and seeding equipment. This leads to a reduction in unnecessary overlap during shorter tasks, improved dosing accuracy, and optimal seed rates throughout each field. The outcome is a fine-tuned input approach that maximizes productivity and output.


field-data-recording-systems Field Data Recording Systems

 The incorporation of precision farming capabilities in New Holland's product lines provides real-time data and insights to   optimize both crop yield and equipment performance.






connectivity Connectivity

 TELEMATICS & CONNECTIVITY : New Holland PLM connectivity keeps you connected in more ways than one, optimising productivity:

 Customer-to-Vehicle Connectivity: allows you to run your farm business from the cab, the farm office or the other side of the   world. You are always connected to your machine, and always know how it is performing via the MyPLM portal, whether you   monitor it from a PC or via the MyPLM app.                                                                                                                                                         Dealer-to-Vehicle Connectivity: helps you minimize downtime with proactive support, remote monitoring, diagnostic, and           in-field software updates. By allowing your dealer access to the data your machine is producing, you can be assured of   supportive operating advice and alerts to any operating issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Advisor-to-Vehicle connectivity: lets you stay in touch with agronomists and other experts to improve decision-making on the                                                                                     move.

myplmconnect-myfleet-02MyPLM®Connect - MyFleet

MyPLM®Connect is the free portal to manage fleet, farm and data in one single environment. It is built to be intuitive and help manage data quickly, delivering fleet and farm management capabilities to enhance your daily job in the field, in the farm office – and even remotely. 
Via the MyPLM®Connect online portal, you can access fleet management tools to help manage every aspect of data generated by your machines’ field operations. 





MyPLM® Connect - MyFarm

MyFarm provides the digital tools needed to manage your farm and field data. You can enter data such as field names, boundary lines and guidance lines for New Holland PLM equipment via the online PLM portal, and send the data to connected vehicles via file transfer or a USB stick. Using the Farm tab on the MyPLM®Connect portal, you can analyse recorded field data. Users of the MyPLM®Connect Professional package can transmit this wirelessly to/from their equipment, or upload data manually by simply creating an account. As field data is uploaded and recorded in the MyPLM®Connect portal, agronomic data is automatically mapped and visualized.



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