T7 Methane with PLM Intelligence

True Sustainability - The T7.270 Methane Power (CNG) delivers 270hp with the same performance characteristics as a diesel equivalent, with the additional benefit of reduced running costs. Producing 98% less particulate matter, reducing CO₂ emissions by 10% and overall emissions by 80%, when using biomethane near-zero CO₂ emissions are achievable.


t7-270-methane-power-with-plm-intelligence-negative-co2 NEGATIVE CO₂ EMISSION PROFILE WHEN POWERED BY BIO-METHANE (WELL – TO – WHEEL COMPARISON)

 Fossil fuels vs renewable gas options.

 1. When considering fossil fuels you can see that even fossil methane is better than diesel, by 10%.                                               2. A further 70% reduction can be achieved by using Biomethane, created from an Anaerobic Digester.                                       3. With liquid manure, the well-to-tank emissions are negative at -115% of Diesel.                                                                               4. By not using fossil fuels, we are capturing methane gas that would have been emitted to the atmosphere, resulting in a         negative carbon footprint.



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T7.270 Methane
Max Horesepower: 199/270 [KW/HP(CV)]
Max Torque: ISO TR14396 (NM@RPM) 1148@1500