Interrow Cultivators


New Holland's SRC Interrow Cultivators offer a sustainable approach to weed control, significantly reducing herbicide usage and promoting both environmental and economic sustainability in your operations. The range consists of 14 models, available in 3 and 5 tine variants, making them ideal for cultivating beet, maize, or sunflower crops. The cultivators offer adjustable row spacing ranging from 4 to 18 rows, with the flexibility to adapt between 45 and 75cm to suit different crops. This adaptability allows for efficient cultivation over maximum space, even at high operating speeds. Additionally, all models come with standard hydraulic folding for ease of use. For 3 tine machines, cultivation in rows with widths of 45-50cm is achievable, while 5 tine machines can effectively cultivate rows ranging from 60-75cm.

interrow-cultivator-details-vibrating-tines VIBRATING TINES

 The patented vibrating tines in New Holland's SRC Interrow Cultivators excel at precise penetration to predetermined depths,   offering agronomic advantages such as breaking up the soil pan and enhancing soil aeration. This process leads to improved   warmth and moisture retention within the soil. Additionally, the vibrations effectively disintegrate weeds, bringing them to the   surface and causing the soil to be shaken off their roots, resulting in their rapid demise. The VCO-tine, a standard feature on     3-tine models, is expertly designed to operate at very shallow depths, providing enhanced cleaning while minimizing lateral soil   displacement. On the other hand, 5-tine models are equipped with Universal tines for optimal performance.

interrow-cultivator-stabilizing-discStabilising disc

The SRC Interrow Cultivator range is designed with a single stabilizing disc, and on wider machines, there's an option for a second disc. These discs provide a 'self-steering' feature, ensuring stability even on undulating terrain and when navigating corners, all while maintaining an efficient working speed. This feature enhances the cultivator's ability to stay on track and deliver effective cultivation across various ground conditions and turns.

interrow-cultivator-contour-following Contour following

 The parallelogram structure of the SRC Interrow Cultivator range guarantees a consistent working depth across all surfaces,   even over varying slopes. This design ensures that the shares maintain the desired depth for effective cultivation. The   suspension-style structure is adept at absorbing longitudinal movement, contributing to stable and precise operation. The   provided images illustrate the structure of both the largest 9.9m model and the smaller 3.7m, 4.7m, and 6.7m models,   showcasing the robust design and effectiveness of the cultivator system.

interrow-cultivator-precision-depth-controlPrecision depth control

In the SRC Interrow Cultivator range, each unit functions as an independent self-contained cultivator, equipped with its own depth control mechanism. This control is managed through a puncture-proof depth control wheel, measuring 29cm in diameter and 10cm in width. This design ensures stable and precise depth control, allowing for adjustments of up to 7cm to accommodate specific cultivation requirements. The individual depth control for each unit contributes to effective and tailored cultivation across the entire field.

interrow-cultivator-adjustable-row-width Adjustable row width

 In the SRC Interrow Cultivator range, adjusting the row spacing is a simple task. Each unit allows for easy row spacing   adjustments through a single bolt (except for the nine-meter models, which have two bolts). This straightforward adjustment   mechanism facilitates customization based on the desired row configuration. Additionally, the cultivators offer the option for   lateral adjustment of tines, providing further flexibility and precision in the cultivation process. These adjustable features allow   operators to fine-tune the cultivator to match specific row spacing requirements and optimize performance.

interrow-cultivator-rolling-shieldsRolling shields

The rolling shields in the SRC Interrow Cultivator range play a vital role in crop protection. They provide protection to both the leaves and roots of the crop by preventing weeds, seeds, and untreated soil from being thrown onto the crop rows. These shields are designed to offer stepless and adjustable settings, allowing for up to 9cm of adjustment. This feature enables precise customization to effectively safeguard the crop and maintain optimal growing conditions while preventing any unwanted debris or materials from affecting the crop rows.

interrow-cultivator-star-shaped-weeders Star shaped weeders

 The optional star-shaped weeder units in the SRC Interrow Cultivator range are a valuable addition. They are equipped with   individual tines that allow the cultivator to effectively reach into the edges of the crop, ensuring the removal of all weeds in   close proximity to the plants. This prevents weeds from competing for the valuable nutrients intended for the cultivated crop.   For machines with row spacing of 45-50cm, a 290mm diameter star-shaped weeder is available, while machines with a spacing   of 60-75cm can utilize the larger 370mm diameter weeder. Additionally, an optional rear harrow is offered as an additional   feature.