New Holland T4S 55 hp to 75hp(CV) tractors deliver the perfect balance between modern efficiency and the demands for a simple tractor that just does exactly what you need. Entry level two-wheel drive platform ROPS models meet the demands for a basic, reliable and low cost work horse. Four-wheel drive models deliver added traction for even greater versatility. Need a cab? T4S tractors are offered with a new generation four-post cab that delivers the best all round visibility and operator environment in this tractor class. Need a loader? The new 555LU loader is available from factory and is specifically designed for the T4S, tough and durable it features mechanical self-levelling as standard. Available with mechanical 8x8 or 12x12 transmissions, with a 20x20 creep speed option down to 0.14kph, a T4S offers the specification choice to suit farmyard, or field, hobby farm or hay and forage enterprises. Need speedy manoeuvrability? A hydro-mechanical shuttle is offered for clutch free changes between forward and reverse. Do you work with heavy rear mounted equipment? With a T4S you can benefit from 3,000kg of rear linkage muscle for best in class performance with Lift-OMatic ™ linkage control as standard. Servo assisted PTO engagement, with an easy to modulate soft start, comes as part of a tractor that is built to meet modern demands for efficiency and ease of operation with traditional simplicity and ease of maintenance.

EASE OF OWNERSHIP - T4S Stage V tractors are designed for hard work yet offer extended service intervals of 600 hours

ABSOLUTE DRIVING PLEASURE - From entry-level ROPS to the new generation four-post cab with optional air suspended seat, putting the operator in comfortable control is a priority.

VERSATILITY - Compact and manoeuvrable, with the hydraulic power and versatile transmission choice to suit diverse needs, a T4S can be your one tractor solution.

POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY - The smooth running S8000 series engine packs an efficient and reliable power punch of up to 75hp(CV) with outstanding fuel economy and impressive torque characteristics.


 Take the time to look over a New Holland T4S tractor and you will see for yourself that these tractors offer the   perfect balance between traditional tractor design and modern ergonomics. New users will quickly feel comfortable   and appreciate the easy reach of everything they need to work the tractor safely and efficiently. With the new   generation cab, we take this class of tractor to a new level. With its four-post design, and pillar to post glazing, the   cab gives superb all-round visibility. An opening glazed roof panel is functional too, allowing loader equipped   tractors to be positioned with pin point accuracy. Highly efficient heating and ventilation, with air-conditioning as an   option, ensures the operator remains comfortable, whatever the weather.

New Holland T4S with a man insode operating controls


Over 20 years ago, New Holland raised the bar in small tractor design with its TN tractor series. From the outset, these ‘new generation’ small tractors were built around the needs of the operator, with extensive research establishing the best position for all key controls. TN tractors set a new benchmark in establishing the ideal relationship between the operator and the tractor. From those original ideas, T4S tractors benefit from further developments in modern tractor design. A T4S may be simple but that should not be confused with basic. Every penny of our research is invested to make you and our tractors more productive. Quality of design is matched in quality of production. Everything you touch has a solid quality feel to it. All materials are designed to withstand the rigours of a hard life. You invest in New Holland. We invest in delivering high quality in design and build.

New Holland T4S towing a trailer on a dirt road CLEAN, POWERFUL, PRODUCTIVE.

 Purpose developed for intensive agricultural use, the three-cylinder S8000 engine series that power T4S tractors offers   unrivalled power, torque and economy and employ CEGR and DOC after treatment technology for Stage V emissions   compliance. With extended service intervals these frugal power units offer the rugged, long lived dependability small   tractor operators demand from their investment. In work, the engines are smooth and quiet, with maximum torque   developed at just 1400rpm, to ensure fast responsiveness when a sudden load is encountered, and fuel efficiency is   guaranteed at lower engine speeds. Torque rise on the T4S engine is also impressive, as high as 54% on the T4.55S model,   ensuring rapid recovery when the going gets tough and avoiding the need to change down gears in applications such as   power harrowing and transport.

New Holland T4S backing up to lift a haybale


A key to versatile performance is having the right transmission speed for the application. With T4S tractors, there are three main gearbox choices; dual range 8x8, three range 12x12 or three range 20x20 with creeper. All transmissions share the same proven four synchromesh speeds in each range for easy on the move gear changes. The spread of speeds on offer will suit a wide range of applications, a Creep Speed option further extending versatility. With the creeper option, a T4S tractor can work down to speeds as low as 0.14kph.


New Holland T4S side view with bucket attachement up


The new 555LU front loaders featuring mechanical self levelling integrate perfectly with all three T4S models and can be specified directly from factory. The loader fits low over the hood, enhancing visibility to put you at ease and allow for a more confident operating experience. These loaders are comfortable to operate with the new ergonomically designed joystick and two-function mid-mount valve. Dealer-installed accessories include a third function diverter valve for use with attachments such as a hydraulic bale grab and a smooth ride control for operating over rough terrain. The Euro style headstock comes as standard for easy attachment compatibility.

New Holland T4S in a field laying manure


With a rear linkage capacity of up to 3,000kg, a T4S tractor has the muscle to work with a wide range of fully mounted equipment, enabling these versatile tractors to tackle duties beyond the scope of competitive tractors of similar power. Next add a powerful hydraulic flow of up to 47.7 litres/min and the choice of up to three rear remote valves and two mid mount valves. Now add a choice of 540/540E and ground speed PTO. A T4S may be simple but it is by no means basic.


Explore available models:

Max Horesepower: 41/55 [KW/HP(CV)]
Max Torque: 258@1400 ISO TR14396 (NM@RPM)
Max Horesepower: 48/65 [KW/HP(CV)]
Max Torque: 291@1400 ISO TR14396 (NM@RPM)
Max Horesepower: 55/75 [KW/HP(CV)]
Max Torque: 341@1400 ISO TR14396 (NM@RPM)