New Holland has a long tradition of excellence in the production of specialised orchard tractors. Designed and built to meet the demands and needs of professional fruit growers who seek a compact machine offering exceptional performance in the power range from 55 to 75hp, the new T3F can move with ease between rows, offering excellent performance for field work and road transport. In addition, these machines continue the New Holland tradition of ergonomic excellence, by providing the operator with a comfortable working environment with simple and intuitive controls. In the field of compact orchard tractors, there’s only space for New Holland between your rows.

POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE - The FPT Industrial three-cylinder turbocharged and inter-cooled engine delivers up to 75 hp to offer exceptional performance for T3.80LP and T3.80F. Clean and efficient engines which meets Stage V emission standards are designed to deliver more torque while offering extended service intervals of 600 hours.

COMPACT AND VERSATILE - The T3LP and T3F bring the all-round versatility expected of a low profile tractor. Thanks to their low weight and compact dimensions, these tractors can operate in confined spaces such as orchards and vineyards.

ABSOLUTE COMFORT - The T3LP and T3F combine style and comfort for the operator. Ensuring operators comfort and saefty during long working days was a top design priority, and is apparent from the thoughtfully laid out controls.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE - To ensure that these tractors are able to do any job, the T3LP is fitted with a rear lift with a lifting capacity of 2,800 kg, and the T3F has a rear lift that reaches the capacity of 2,277 kg. The Lift-O-Matic™ on these two tractors simplifies work with rear lift.

New Holland T3 with roof


Again, New Holland has provided environment friendly engines packed with the latest technology and innovations. As the leader of orchard farming tractors, the new T3F & T3LP series both have three models powered by FPT Industrial’s S8000 engine. This 2.9 litre, 3 cylinder engine is equipped with the latest Common Rail fuel injection technology, which is turbocharged and intercooled to deliver the power and performance expected of a New Holland tractor. Fully complaint to Stage V emission regulations, thanks to an optimised combustion profile with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) technology. While it does not require AdBlue, this system is naturally compact in design allowing the after treatment system is located between the engine and the ROPS frame protecting it from branches. Clean and efficient combustion allows the class leading 600 hour oil change interval on these engines.

New Holland T4 engine comparrison


Both T3F & T3LP series offer different transmission options to suit all farmers with different requirements. A 12x12 Synchro Shuttle™ is offered as a simple & durable mechanical transmission, well known from other New Holland series of tractors. Achieving 30kph maximum speed if specified with a 2WD front axle which is only available on the T3LP. 40kph is achievable if specified with 4WD which is available on both series of tractors. Both T3F & T3LP have a creeper speed option available which can reduce forward speed to 100 meters per hour, a benefit for intensive PTO applications such as branch shredding.

New Holland T3 steering wheel view


The new T3F & T3LP series of tractors are designed to deliver performance, efficiency and comfort to reduce fatigue while boosting productivity. Specially designed operator platforms deliver the ergonomic control layout expected by all operators and the T3F & T3LP is no exception. All controls have been specifically positioned so that they can be easily reached. A mid mounted ROPS frame can be folded down on gas struts allowing unrestricted access to low buildings or through low doorways. Major control levers and buttons are located in an ergonomic position on the front or right hand side console. Reduced transmission tunnel width, better positioned foot throttle, gear lever and handbrake combined with reduced trim and new seat with extra front and rear travel offers a capacious operator platform.

New Holland T3 seat view and steering wheel view


Both series of tractors are equipped with a two speed PTO with 540 and 540E as standard. A three speed PTO option is available which includes 540, 540E and ground speed PTO. Servo assisted PTO engagement with a lever located below the steering wheel and PTO speed selection is controlled by a lever located on left of the operator. The PTO engagement can be modulated by the operator reducing the chances of stalling the tractor if a high inertia implement is fitted.