FR Forage Cruiser


New Holland has led the big baler segment for over 25 years, introducing a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised big baling throughout the world. Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops and all farms. Hay and forage operations’, straw contractors’, biomass business’ and large scale arable farmers’ will be won over by the new Plus models which have an 80cm longer baler chamber and deliver consistent best-in-class bale quality with up to 10% more density.


New Holland knows that throughput is king where forage harvesters are concerned and that owners dream in tonnes per hour. The new FR920 is powered by the allnew V20 8 cylinder V layout engine, developed by FPT Industrial this mighty beast will have you steaming up and down fields. ECO engine management mode works to ensure the engine is always fully loaded in relation to a preset engine speed to deliver optimal operating efficiency and performance. Renowned Power Cruise™ features ensure your FR’s voracious appetite is satisfied in fields of varying crop density and state of the art headers eat grass, maize and whole crop.


Patented HydroLoc™ technology guarantees constant chop length independent of throughput and crop type. The ActiveLOC™ system automatically adapts chop length to actual moisture content for unsurpassed quality. Automatic adjustment maintains best-in-class chop quality, and when combined with uniform kernel cracking from the new DuraCracker™ heavy duty crop processor, premium forage and biomass quality is guaranteed.


Lower operating costs mean higher profits. The FR480 to FR780 models benefit from advanced ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology for Tier 4B compliance which optimises your fuel consumption, saving you money. For example the FR650 has 5%* increased capacity while consuming 21%* less fuel than its larger FR700 predecessor model. Increasing productivity and reducing costs. Advanced MetaLoc™ technology protects your FR from potentially fatal metal ingress. The patented Variflow™ system crop processor can be changed from maize to grass position in under 2 minutes without the need for tools. Saving time, earning you more money.


Skilled forage harvester operators are like gold dust, and when you’ve found one, you’ll want to hang onto them. The FR offers a first-class foraging environment. They’ll have an uninterrupted view whichever way they look for accurate pick-up and crop discharge. The cab has been completely redesigned to put the operator at the heart of the machine. The new armrest is an example of ergonomic excellence with all controls falling naturally to hand. What’s more it boasts the ultra-wide screen IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor and new armrest to keep all key operating parameters under control. The IntelliFill™ feature fills the trailer for you so you can concentrate on the serious business of pick-up.


The FR650 Forage Cruiser was put through its paces on the rigorous DLG Fokus testing. The results will offer you impressive efficiency savings. The FR650 consumed a mere 0.5 litres of diesel per tonne of maize foraged when chopping to 8mm. When compared to the previous FR700 this translated to a 21% fuel saving all whilst increasing capacity by 5%.