New Holland FieldOps™

Manage Your Entire Fleet in One Place

FieldOps gives New Holland operators a centralized, easy-to-use farm management web and mobile application. Streamline your workflow and access your data from anywhere with FieldOps’ easy-to-use interface. Effortlessly monitor all your machines in real-time and customize your setup to work your way.


fieldops-remotely-view-in-cab-displays Remotely View In-Cab Displays

 Enhance your operators' experience by providing in-app, full-screen display capability. Utilize this feature to assist your   operators in making live adjustments, providing support akin to being right there with them in the cab.




Visualize Agronomic Data Layers

Easily examine and compare layers of application data within a specific field. Gain comprehensive insights into your field's conditions by switching between different data layers associated with a particular job or activity. Stay updated on recent activities by accessing FieldOps for quick insights.


fieldops-monitor-machines-in-real-timeMonitor Machines in Real-Time

Access accurate location details and real-time job status updates, track task completions efficiently, and review the 24-hour machine history. Utilize FieldOps to obtain detailed performance data for a specific job, including remaining area to cover and an estimated completion time. This robust tool provides essential insights to optimize field operations.



fieldops-easy-to-learn-and-useEasy to Learn and Use

The intuitive user interface simplifies data navigation, allowing you to find what you need easily. Toggle between tabs or utilize FieldOps' powerful search and quick filters to locate specific information efficiently. Achieve more with fewer clicks or taps, streamlining your workflow.



fieldops-customize-parameters-to-fit-your-workflowCustomize Parameters to Fit your Workflow

Customize your preferred machine parameters to display exactly what you need, whether for a single machine or across your entire fleet. Tailor your FieldOps experience to match your unique machines and applications, ensuring a personalized and optimized workflow.



fieldops-monitor-machine-health-and-activityMonitor Machine Health & Activity

Swiftly identify and address critical issues using personalized, real-time notifications.