Engine FPT Industrial S8000 Series
N. of cylinders / Valves 04/03/2024
Capacity (cm³) 2930
Emissions level Stage V
After Treatment System (ATS) EGR+DOC+DPF (Less AdBlue-Urea)
Max. engine power (UNECE Regulation N. 120) [kW/hp(CV)] 41/56
Rated engine speed (rpm) 2300
Max. torque - ISO TR14396 (Nm) 258 @ 1400rpm
Torque rise (%) 52
Air Intake Turbo Charged Aftercooler (TCA)
Intercooler Standard
Horizontal exhaust Standard
Standard diesel tank capacity (l) 42
12x12 30kph Synchro Shuttle™ Optional
12x12 40kph Synchro Shuttle™ Optional
Creeper 20x20 Synchro Shuttle™ Optional
Minimum speed (with creeper) (kph) 0.1
Rear electro-hydraulic differential lock Standard
Oil immersed braking system Standard
Front Axle  
2WD Front axle  
4WD Front axle Standard
Electro-hydraulic 4WD activation Standard
Limited slip differential locking Standard
Independent steering pump (32l/min) Standard
Turning radius 4WD front axle (m) – / 3.55
Hydraulic system  
Maximum hydraulic pump flow (l/min) 52
Mechanical draft control (MDC) Standard
Lift-O-Matic™ system Standard
Max. lift capacity at ball ends with arms horizontal (kg) 2277
Rear linkage category I / II Standard
Quick attach linkage ends Optional
Max. number of rear remote valves 3 (6 couplers)
Flow control Optional
Servo-assisted engagement Standard
2 speed, 540 / 540E rpm Standard
Engine speed @ 540 / 540E (rpm) 1958 / 1592
Ground speed PTO Optional
Operator platform  
ISO mounted suspended platform Standard
Mid mounted foldable ROPS Standard
Operator seat with mechanical suspension Standard
Front tires: min. / max. 200/70R16 / 280/70R16
Rear tires: min. / max. 320/70R20 / 360/70R24
Ground clearance under front axle (mm) 228
Overall width max. (mm) 1710
Wheelbase (mm) 1905
Length (mm) 3690
Steering wheel height (mm) 1286
Height from mid of rear axle to top of ROPS (mm) 1785
Seat height (mm) 964
Total shipping weight (kg) 2200
Max. permissible weight (kg) 4200


* T3F with 200/70R16 - 320/70R20 tires, T3LP with 280/70R18 - 380/70R28 tires

Max Horesepower: 41/56 [kW/hp(CV)]

Max Torque: 258 @ 1400rpm ISO TR14396 (Nm)